Saturday, 14 July 2012


Teachers in Sheffield have been holding a demonstration to show their feeling with regards to their future pension benefits and their current workload.

Personally, when I was leaving school and considering going to university, I had a wish to start my career in teaching, the pay was good, holidays excellent and my wish to educate the next generation.  This was in the late 60's.  Even then, I could see the beginnings of the current trend in pupil behaviour. Then it was only a small minority of pupils who showed a complete lack of respect for their teachers, but the trend has started.

With the liberalisation of the 60's and 70's, the modern thinking of allowing the young some freedom had started.  This trend followed, by some, into adulthood and formulated their views on bring up their own children.  Over the passing years, this liberal trend has continued, with many young adults and their children not only not respecting their teachers, but have a total lack of respect for any form of authority.

I therefore agree, that a teachers job these days is not easy, due to many reasons, the lack of respect for authority by many of the children they are trying to educate being only one.

Teachers are, however, in a fairly well paid profession and have more holidays than most other persons in employment have.  Teaching is also one of the few professions were employment is pretty much secure, you do not often hear of teachers being made redundant and an Education Authority will not go bankrupt.

Redundancy and your employer going bankrupt is an ever increasing thought going though the minds of many persons in the private sector.

Now, with regards to their pension benefits.

As with all public employees, the pension benefits are excellent, with many still enjoying a final salary scheme or if not, an average salary scheme and these are far greater than anyone in the private sector could expect to receive.  For many in the private sector they are extremely lucky if their employers are offering a pension arrangement at all, let alone the schemes available in the public sector.  Yes, the public sector workers will, most likely, have a high rate of contribution to make towards it.  But they will reap the rewards of a good pension once they reach retirement age, when ever that will be.

What all employees have to bear in mind, that currently it is not compulsory to join your employers pension arrangement.  If you do not like or care for the arrangement, do not join it and if you so wish try to obtain a pension arrangement yourself from those offered by the pensions industry.

As you will gather, it is my view that while the teaching profession may not be as good as it was in pre 60's, it still as a lot to offer any person wishing to enter.

The pension and other benefits may not be as good as they were previously, but especially the pension benefits are far greater then persons employed outside the pubic sector can obtain.

In the current climate, most persons are having to suffer for the actions of the few.  Yes, I am referring to the BANKERS, especially those in senior positions, who dictate to their under managers and so on down the employees ladder, how they wish the business to be run.

Nobody wants or wishes for their lifestyle to change, but unfortunately, damage has been caused to our economy and unless you win the lottery or are a senior bank employee, MP or equivalent there is currently no alternative.

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