Monday, 11 June 2012

I am a person who has strong views and is prepared to work towards  eradicating causes of concern and in doing so create a better standard of life for my own family and others, not only within my immediate community, but to the widest possible community.

Within my family I have a 40+ year old daughter, who has multiple physical and learning disabilities, who currently uses some of the services in Sheffield which are available for persons with disabilities.  My main aim is for these services to be maintained and where ever possible for each and every services to be improved for the betterment of the persons using the services.

I do this by keeping a watchful eye on the services used by my daughter and also attend, every 2 months the Joint Learning Disabilities Service - Provider Services- Customer Forum meetings, which are held at Howden House, Union Street, Sheffield.  While my main areas are the services used by my daughter, it also gives me a way to makes comments on the other services, which are available.

In this meeting the people attending air their views and comments on all the services undertaken by Sheffield Social Services.  It is 1 of the few ways the persons using the services and their carers can gain face to face meetings with some of the senior managers running the services in Sheffield.

My view is that, if you do not raise your concerns, especially to the persons, who if they do not make the decisions, they will certainly have some input to them, then they may not be aware that the users and their carers have these concerns.

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