Sunday, 15 July 2012

Football Family Sport or not?

The case of racism in football or any sport for that matter needs to be addressed by all parties involved.

Is sport to be enjoyed by all the family, if so the actions of all participants need to be appropriate for the family. Abuse in any form is unacceptable.

The organisations policing each sport need to be proactive in dealing with abuse, otherwise if gutter abuse is tolerated, then the sport in question should be regulated to the gutter.

People often argue that the questionable behaviour has been taking place for years and this may be so.  This can not make it acceptable today.  Standards do not stand still, if this was the case we would still be living caves.  While at the time, that would not have been wrong, are the people harping back to the past be willing to still live in caves.

Society and countries change, unfortunately not always for the better.  This is why the judicial system as to ready to deal with all aspects and laws and judgements have to be for the betterment of the greater community while be in keeping with the ethics of the country.

The laws and customs of this country are based on Christianity and while not all persons in the country are Christians, everyone should abide by the laws of the land. As should all persons who travel to other countries.

The laws of the country in which a person is in at any particular time have to be observed.

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